The Road to Rebuilding

2020 was a disastrous year for the Experiences Industry. Many Supply Partners didn’t make it out at all, and those that did have often made significant product changes and sacrifices to maintain profitability.

Here at BRG, we gave up our offices to work from home, invented the “Experiences At Home” category to create income, whilst our team took up to an 80% pay cut.

Despite a 95% drop in demand during lockdown, our marketing of your products never stopped for a minute. Big Red Group invested millions of dollars to drive demand for gift vouchers, anticipating that customers wanted to give the gift of hope and the Experience to enjoy later.

As restrictions ease those customers are returning, and Summer 2020/21 is our busiest bookings period ever. We ask that our valued suppliers maintain calendars (or channel managers, if you use one) so that the customers that supported your business during last year’s tough times can attend now, during the Summer period.

For more details on what we did to stay afloat during 2020, watch our Q&A webcast with co-founders David Anderson & Naomi Simson HERE.