Postponement, Cancellation & Refund Policies

Cancellation and refund enquiries are the number one driver of calls to us here at BRG, and probably to you too. The current level of market uncertainty mean’s that having confidence if circumstances change is a critical part of the customr’s decision making process prior to purchase.

A customer friendly policy (i.e. 24 or 48hrs) is proven to increase conversion rate and sales of your product.

However, with hundreds of different policies, Suppliers and BRG staff are sometimes unclear on each other’s cancellation policy/refund procedure which can lead to failure to adhere to your T&Cs, leading to unnecessary & time-consuming communications.

We’re embarking on a process to remove this doubt and uncertainty. The first step to achieve this is to clearly advertise your cancellation policies to customers before they purchase, and then on their confirmation documents.

We’ve identified that most policies allow for cancellation either 24 hours, 48 hours, or 7 days prior to the activity. Therefore, we will soon send a survey to you to record your policy, then advertise them on your product listing pages.

BRG customers can then be held to your policy.

This will not affect postponements: If you can work with the customer to reschedule to a mutually agreeable date, then please do so. However, if the customer is no longer able to attend (i.e. for reasons including if they’re interstate or overseas travelers), they will in most cases receive a BRG voucher to the value of their original purchase.

Naturally we anticipate that there will be the occasional exception (I.e., compassionate grounds or force majeure) however the bulk of cancellation queries can be forestalled by clear and transparent cancellation & refund policies that are advertised upfront.