Environmental, Social and Governance Program

BRG ESG Commitment

Doing Good & Doing Great

BRG has worked closely with community, stakeholders, suppliers and the team to bring together a significant program of work which brings together a cohesive (and achievable) ESG agenda.

This is a big committment of which as a business we understand that it is a journey, and that a journey starts with the first steps. The formal elements of the program began in 2018 and each year BRG builds momentum and outcomes.

Simply put. BRG does the right thing, it is the intention to leave the planet the way we found it and to follow the good life goals as a guide and bench mark for the achievements.

Why now?

  • BRG is in a leadership position for a community of more than 2500 other businesses
  • Consumer and stakeholder sentiment has shifted – people want low footprint experiences
  • If not now then when?
  • BRG is a role model for others
  • The team, leaders and community believe that it is possible to make a difference

This is an ongoing program which continues to gather momentum. Our commitment is to publish the outcome by the end of 2021.

ESG Program