Great customer stories come from including everyone

Looking at the bigger picture can pay dividends

Each morning the CEO of a major Australian credit union heads to the ground floor where dozens of his staff chat away by telephone to customers around the country. It is electric and non-stop 

What happens upstairs – accounting, strategy and leadership decisions – is all well and good he says, but this is where it really matters. 

The union’s call centre brings in thousands of enquires daily. Its team members are the heartbeat of his business – they are the voice of the brand.  

As the leader he nods hello and listens in to calls, to the big and the small. When he leaves, he takes with him the mood of the day, he ‘feels’ customer sentiment. 

In times of remote work, it is much harder to drop by the team and get the ‘vibe’ of customers.  

He knows too the pressures his front-line staff are under, a scenario being played out across Australia where for some time now, daily call centre volumes have been at Christmas levels for months. 

But for these people – the call centre team and suppliers, it does not always go smoothly. At BRG we think of our team (especially at this time of year as Santa’s modern-day elves and like others, our contact centre numbers are at record highs and we are just beginning our ramp up to Christmas. Sometimes, however it is not so festive.  

We like all our partners are dealing with customers, a changing landscape – we are all eager to deliver exemplary service. Sometimes, especially whilst teams are working from home, it can be a lonely journey when a call comes in from a ‘spirited’ customer.  

This is the same for all businesses right now, with many team members working from home, sometimes these ‘unreasonable’ demands by customers can be trickier than usualRedBalloon for Business has just released its Experience of Work White Paper. And there may be real value in downloading a copy as our valued partner. Perhaps there are insights that will support your own team members, some of whom may be working from home, or isolated in some way. 

As employers, we are all doing our best to create culture – made all the more difficult when team members are apart. 

Most are coping admirably, but nearly all have challenging calls daily asking for updates and ETAs. How we do business has shifted this year and it is easy to forget that we have all had to invent new ways of doing business. 

The new white paper – Creating the New Experience of Work – from RedBalloon for Business launched on November 11 and could provide valuable tools for you on how to navigate and prosper in, the new world of working from anywhere.  

We know it can be overwhelming at times but there are positives aplenty the paper finds. You may wish to share the link to the White Paper with other businesses that you work with. Our Six Point framework designed on the back of the research in the white paper will give leaders and business owners the questions to help design what is right for your business. 

Each business is different, they are ‘living’ beings. As such, there is no ‘one’ way. Business is a people game.” Naomi Simson, Co-Founder BRG 

Covid has ushered in the need to plan ahead – a whole new customer dynamic is in play and the old ways are unlikely to be enough this Christmas. 

Consistent management, systems, processes and checking in regularly with each team member is the order of the day. To ensure that our brand voice (or yours) remains on track. 

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