Corporate Sales Success with Naomi Simson & Ed Penn

Tailoring your business to meet the needs in a corporate market can be tricky. Coupled with the ongoing challenges of the year that was 2020 and you may find yourself a little lost in translation. However, with the right insights, research and knowledge you can steer your business into a different direction and increase your brand awareness in the corporate world.  

Never before have experiences been so valuable. Corporates are realising the importance to ‘give back’ to their staff in ways that provide more satisfaction. They are steering away from glamorous, expensive Christmas parties and providing opportunities for employees to experience life differently with their colleagues as well making a conscious effort to contribute to the Australian economy.  

This week we caught up with BRG Co-Founder, Naomi Simson and Managing Director of Sydney By Sail, Ed Penn to discuss ‘Creating the New Experience of Work – White Paper’ initiative and how suppliers can get the most out of their corporate clients.  

Naomi has been working in the B2B space since March, 2020 towards the beginning of the Australia’s COVID pandemic. Her main priority was to stay close to customers, hear their thoughts and appreciate that each business is in a different situation.   

She pushes the importance of building an ‘emotional connection with corporate clients’ and to create a trusting relationship in order to develop a quality product and service. Brand is based on interactions and creating consistent brand experiences across direct customers and corporate clients alike.  

Ed has been working with Naomi to perfect his business services to meet corporate demands. He’s product development and level of service is based around a ‘tailored’ approach and focuses on developing a ‘needs’ based package that exceed client expectations.  

He’s goal is to continue to build his corporate profile by working with other suppliers and developing niche, tailored packages to stay fresh with industry trends. Nothing is ‘too hard’ there are only ‘challenges’ that he knows he can overcome with a tailored approach.  

With a long-term plan to develop a new range of experiences tailored to today’s corporate market, focusing on sustainability, bundled experiences and innovative branded digital gift cards, product development is high on the list of priorities.  By developing the right framework from which customisation can be created you can deliver a new way for corporate clients to experience and connect with your business.   

So, where to from here?  

Watch the video below, read the White Paper, subscribe to Handpicked, or speak to your Experience Development Manager. We’re in this together and here to help.

Join BRG Founder Naomi Simson, Sydney By Sail GM Ed Penn and BRG Head Of Supply Stephen Blake as they discuss post-COVID corporate strategy and Christmas B2B campaigns.

Recorded live on 19th November 2020 in Sydney.

At RedBalloon we know that every business is unique, they are ‘living’ beings. Each has its own set of circumstances. With so much to consider we have found that using the BRG six-point framework has helped our clients work through what is right for them. Business is a people game – and shared experiences builds culture and connection.

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