Choose Adventure: Adrenaline Summer Campaign Review

What was the concept?

Most of our creative concepts start with a customer insight. This summer, we realised that although our customers like the beach, it is a repetitive experience – so to remember a summer, you need defining moments.

From there, the Adrenaline “Choose Adventure” campaign was born.

Bringing it to life.

To bring ’Choose adventure’ to life we took over mundane spaces and turned them into inspired places and reimagined everyday activities with adventure-inspired alternatives. We compared the everyday with the Adrenaline way.

We infiltrated everyday spaces with exciting options for adventure – from murals at major transit hubs in Sydney & Brisbane, to posters along key inner-city pedestrian zones, summer giveaways on our favourite radio stations and a Spotify partnership that took over our customers’ ear-waves. We amplified this on digital channels to reach our owned audiences and used it to spur conversation around the campaign.

To amplify this campaign in partnership with Tourism Australia, we encouraged our database to Choose Adventure when they #HolidayHereThisYear. Because it’s easy to transform any holiday into an epic journey when you support local suppliers and add adventure pit-stops on your road trip.

Did it work?

The Choose Adventure campaign is already resonating with our targeted audiences, driving incredible results so far. The content is engaging.

In 6 weeks, we have seen over 2m YouTube views with 44% watching all 30 seconds, 17sec average time spent watching our videos, and 3.6m reach on social media. The assets are reaching the right people at the right time. Our mural placements estimated 3.5m reach (up to 52 times each!) and our 2,000 posters have captured share of voice in over 200 key transit locations.

This has resulted in year-on-year results of a 41% increase in transactions, 17% increase in direct traffic, 45% increase in organic search referrals, 28% increase in Adrenaline search terms, and 298% increase in organic social referrals.

YouTube views, 44% watching all 30 seconds
reach across all social media channels
posters in 200 high traffic areas
increase in transactions
increase in Adrenaline search terms

What did this do for you?

This campaign was amplified through our Adrenaline Tourism Australia partnership, alongside our own investment in ‘Choose Adventure’, capitalising on the topical #HolidayHereThisYear campaign.

This extended the reach of our campaign, driving and converting significant demand for adventure activities in market. Alongside this, for this campaign, we created a huge amount of new content to support a range of summer adventures that aided in huge successes this campaign has seen.

All this activity is to ensure our advertising cuts through the clutter, adventures become front of mind for Australian consumers, and we drive bookings across a large range of adventures onsite.