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About Adrenaline

Adrenaline is Australia’s longest-running and most recognised adventure site

Founded in 1993 by a skydiver and a racing driver

From weekend thrills to once-in-a-lifetime bucket list activities

Our customers love our experiences and the service we offer

Adrenaline range

Adrenaline adventures are daring, thrill-seeking experiences

Adrenaline seeks to push customers over the edge, to fill their weekends, to test their limits

We seek out “wow” experiences which make you feel alive

Adrenaline customers seize the moment and get out there

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How Adrenaline works

Adrenaline offers thousands of adventures from the leading suppliers across the nation, making it easy for our adventurous customers to book their next challenge. There are amazing things to do for all types of people, and our team is always working to find the latest and most exciting adventures. We pre-pay so there’s no invoicing required, and there’s no upfront cost to join. We earn a commission only when we make a sale – meaning we do all the work and you don’t pay a cent if we don’t make a sale.

Direct bookings & vouchers

Customers seeking an exciting adventure at the weekend can instantly book on Adrenaline. With integrations into dozens of channel managers, your live availability will show on-site for customers to buy. Adventure Vouchers are also on sale, for customers who’d prefer to give your adventures as a gift.

Seasonal campaigns

Adrenaline runs tactical seasonal campaigns that correspond with gifting events including Father’s Day & Christmas, as well as summer and school holiday promotions. Knowing our campaign schedule helps you to plan cash flow and organise your annual marketing calendar.

Our requirements

  • There are no set-up costs or subscription fees
  • We need good content (photography, video and a great description) which we’ll tailor into our listings
  • We simply earn a marketing fee or commission each time that we make a sale
  • Your business must be registered for GST
  • Your public liability insurance must be current and the minimum cover required is $5 million

Case Study:

Kevin Flynn of Driver Dynamics has partnered with Adrenaline since 2006 to promote his high octane driving adventures. He experienced an “explosion” of customers, which he describes as a silver bullet for Driver Dynamics.

The booking system is fully integrated, he gets paid automatically (no invoicing required), whilst regular promotions ensure he’s front of mind for Adrenaline’s audience.

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