Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

How do customers buy my experience?

We offer customers two ways to buy an experience:

Option 1: Gift voucher

Customers can purchase your experience as a gift voucher, allowing the recipient to choose their own date later on.

Option 2: Booking

If you use our Supplier Hub booking system, or have your own channel manager (i.e. Rezdy, Booking Boss, Respax, Bookeo, Fareharbor) connected to us, customers can instantly book a date for the experience at the time of purchase. This will be confirmed instantly and the participants will appear in your channel manager/reservation system. You’ll get paid automatically (no need to invoice).

How long are vouchers valid for?

Vouchers will remain valid for 5 years from the date of purchase, subject to the following:

If your RRP increases after 18 months *(or after 6 months on Lime&Tonic) the customer will be asked to pay an additional at the time of booking.

After 18 months, if the product is no longer available, the value of the voucher can be redeemed towards another product.

When & how will I get paid?

We pay in the week following the booked date, and there’s no need to invoice.

What are the costs?

There are no set up fees or ongoing costs. You simply pay a commission for any booking that we deliver to you.

What additional marketing opportunities are available?

Throughout the year we run site-wide campaigns such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. We increase our investment in marketing during these periods to ensure we bring you more customers. These campaigns generate more sales for you, and there’s no additional cost to participate.

What is Big Red Group currency?

What makes Big Red Group truly unique, and why so many suppliers want to partner with us, is due to the tens of millions of dollars’ worth of BRG ‘currency’ you will gain access to. Our partners receive a downstream benefit in the form of a pool of unredeemed credit that sits with us at any one time. Customers of our brands can redeem that credit on any experience on the website and are also free to exchange any experience voucher for an alternative product.

Sign up and on-boarding

What information do I need to sign up?

You will need all business, contact and product information on hand during the signup process. This includes your ABN as your business must be registered for GST to be eligible to work with Big Red Group. You must also have your current public liability insurance on hand and the minimum cover required is $5 million.

What happens after I sign up?

A team member will review your experiences and if successful, we’ll reach out via a phone call or e-mail to answer any further questions you may have. At this time an agreement will be sent out, for you to review, sign and return.

Once we have the agreement back, we will be in touch to finish the setup of your account, including loading products onto the site.

Once we have the product details, we will review and add your product to the pipeline for website formatting. Description and copy amendments may need to be made in order to fit within our product guidelines and brand tone. This process usually takes 10 working days from receiving all your information to the time that we can publish it on the website.